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1. What is the process used for phaco handpiece repairs?

We use a very thorough 14-step evaluation process to examine your handpiece.

  Testing the connector

  Testing the cord

  O.L test

  Ground resistance test

  Jumper test 

  Resistor test 

  Phase test

  Bandwidth test

  Resonant Frequency test

  Irrigation / Aspiration lines testing


  Low Power test

  Full Power test

  Fuses test

After its completion we will provide you with a report of the faults we found in your phaco handpiece.


2. I would like you to go ahead with my phaco handpiece repair. What do I do next?

We will need your written approval of the repair. Then we will go ahead and service your phaco handpiece.


3. What does the full refurbish option offer?

That option is equal to buying a brand new phaco handpiece.

We will replace any part needed (cable, connector, piezoelectric crystals, tip, etc). We will replace all sealing to ensure no leak will take place.

We will deal with any cosmetic imperfections your phaco handpiece might have (bumps or cracks).

In the end you will receive a fully functional phaco handpiece with a warranty against any defects with the exception of user liability.


4. Do you provide warranty?

We provide a 6-month warranty, included in the price. However, we offer extended warranty options for all of our repairs.


5. How much will the repair cost?

Pricing varies on the brand of the phaco handpiece, as well as the defect, so we cannot provide an accurate guarantee until we receive your phaco handpiece. However, you can find our refurbishment pricing on the following link. (όλη η τελευταία πρόταση hyperlink στο pricing).


6. Where can I send my phaco handpiece for repair?

You can send your phaco handpieces directly at our workshop at the following address:


Voutsinos Spiros (Ophthalmon)

I. Gripari 14





7. How can I send my phaco handpiece?

You can use any courier service or post. Please, be aware that you will have to ship the phaco handpieces at your own cost and liability. We strongly suggest opting for insured transportation.

We can arrange pickup at your premises. We cooperate with TNT courier services.


8. When will I receive my phaco handpiece back?

Our usual repair time is approximately 2-4 weeks.  Please, allow us that time to better service your needs. However, if there is any rush request, we will do our best to accommodate you as fast as possible.


9. How can I pay for my phaco handpiece repair?

We currently accept payment for your repairs only via wire transfer. Your phaco handpiece will be dispatched, once our accounting department confirms payment. Please note that your payment usually appears after 3-5 working days in our bank account.

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